April 13, 2016 – My First CSA Share!

I will freely admit it – I’m kind of a dork. And I’ve been very excited to start our CSA subscription, so I showed up at our pickup location today at 11:35 am on the dot.

Our host was very nice – she asked me if I’d ever belonged to one before and when I explained I had not, she gave me a quick rundown of how it works. I loaded up my bag from the neatly stacked boxes, put my empty box to the side, and ran home to put everything away before I went into work tonight!

My fully loaded bag on the stove!

So I don’t overwhelm you with all the pictures I have, I’ve put the items in the bag into a slide show. We received ramps (which I am very excited to try!), eggs, cheese, kale, carrots, russet potatoes, and baking apples.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The nice thing about CSAs is that they often have a blog where they post recipes you can make with their box contents. I’m leaning towards making a ramp and asparagus quiche. There was also a recipe card inside our box as well from The Porch (a restaurant in Oakland). img_3288


I would need to buy a few more ingredients for this, but it does sound amazing so maybe we’ll make this too!

First reactions to the CSA? I think it is the perfect amount of produce for Andrew and I – the bag of potatoes is just right for a week, we got a good amount of kale, and I actually didn’t think we’d get eggs right away so now I have a ton of eggs since I bought a dozen last week. It is a nice mix of things and the quality of everything was great; nothing bruised or damaged in my box. Now to get cooking!




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