Leek, Asparagus, and Ramp Quiche

First up in Mary attempts to cook stuff – ramps! I found out we were getting these when Penn’s Corner posted last week, and I bookmarked a ton of links about them. I was more than a little excited that my first box was going to contain something I’d never tried before.

I have a deep love of quiche. And when I found this recipe for Leek, Asparagus, and Ramp Quiche I knew I wanted to try it.I made some small modifications – mostly due to my own inexperiences with cooking things, and what they had at the grocery store this morning.

I will admit that I went with frozen pie crusts. I have never made my own pie crust, and I didn’t want to try this morning before work. That being said, the recipe above makes it a deep dish pie, and even buying the deep dish pie crusts I felt like the ingredients wouldn’t all fit in just one. I ended up splitting my ingredients and adding two extra eggs and a splash more of milk to stretch the recipe to fit both pie crusts.

Ingredients for Filling:

  • 3 Medium Leeks (all the leeks looked the same and were bundled in packs of three…)
  • Asparagus (I honestly just cut this up until it looked like enough)
  • Ramps (I used my entire bundle from Penn’s Corner)
  • 8 Eggs
  • Half Pint of Heavy Cream
  • Half Cup of Skim Milk (I didn’t have whole milk and wasn’t going to buy an entire container, so I just got slightly more cream and used less skim milk)
  • Grated Baby Swiss (There was no gruyere so I went with baby swiss – I used more cheese than the above recipe; probably about 1 1/2 cups grated, but I don’t see why you can’t use more or less if you like!)

You should probably just use the above linked recipe, honestly. I tend to improvise a lot.

First up – the leeks!

I don’t think I’ve used these recently, and I forgot how dirty they could be. Really, they turned out to be good preparation for the super dirty ramps.


I used the white and light green parts, although I felt like I was wasting a lot of leek so I bundled those up and threw them in my freezer so I can maybe make vegetable stock later this summer. Who knows, I may come out very domestic after this entire project.


I sliced those down and went to put those on the stove – and realized I couldn’t find any olive oil. So I improvised with a very small amount of vegetable oil and hoped it wouldn’t ruin everything.


Now, moving onto the ramps!


Ok, these were pretty dirty. And I have limited space to work in my kitchen. I decided to hold off on them and get my asparagus all chopped up and ready to go instead.


Time to face the ramps, for real. I read a lot of articles that said how dirty they can be, and I can definitely appreciate that after cleaning them. It took a little longer than I expected, but the resulting ramps came out great!

As you can see, they look much less dirty. I then chopped up most of them (saving two to garnish the top of my quiches) and got ready to start the egg mixture.


I haven’t used my Tupperware PowerChef lately but I was really happy I had it today. It just took a couple pulls of the cord for this to get nice and frothy, which was way faster than hand whipping it with a whisk.

I realized I hadn’t grated my cheese yet, and after frantically looking for my grater I found it. I definitely grated too much – I had two cups before I realized it, and I probably only used about 1.5 cups in the quiche. But now I have some more cheese to use later this week, so that’s ok!


Time to layer my ingredients in my pie crust now! YAY.

So I put a sprinkle of grated baby swiss in first, then the leeks, then the ramps, and then the asparagus. Another sprinkle of cheese, and then time to pour in the egg mixture! Lastly, I placed my ramp on top of each one and prayed they’d turn out ok.

And now, for the final result…


Yes, it was a thing of beauty. Both of them came out looking so delicious!


I had to wait about 30 minutes for it to cool before I could slice it…I’m telling you, it was torture.

But it turned out pretty great! I should have added more salt than I did – I realized as it was baking that I only added salt with the leeks. I definitely should have added some in with the milk and eggs as well. I like things salty though!

And so my first cooking experiment comes to an end. I think if I get ramps again I will just do a recipe like this one for carmelized ramps so I can taste more of the ramp flavor. I did sample some of the raw ones while I was slicing them up and they definitely have a distinctly fresh, wild onion type of flavor that I’ve never had before.

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