CSA Spring Fever – Week Two


This week in my CSA box – what do you do with radishes?

No, seriously. What do you do with them?

I went to my pickup point yesterday and I’m happy I got some other nonperishable items, because the past week has been hectic and I only expect it to continue to be until after our wedding! Still, I was excited to see what we would get in our box. When we got the email on Friday, there were a couple “this item OR that item” things and it was like Christmas morning seeing what we ended up with!

First up was the hydroponic lettuce head.


And next was was one of our “this or that” options – it was either going to be bok choy OR mesclun mix.

Drumroll please…


Mesclun Mix! We are definitely going to need to eat some salads this week, but I’m happy it wasn’t bok choy because I feel like this is easier to use and throw together with where I currently am in my cooking progress (haha). Between the head of lettuce and this large container of mix I’m thinking we can make a dinner salad of some sort over the next few days, and still have leftovers.


This is a nice, large container of applesauce. There are literally only two ingredients – no added sugar in this one, obviously! I have been meaning to try and make my own applesauce but haven’t, so it was great to have some from Penn’s Corner.

Next up – honey!

(Ooh, look at the fun things WordPress can do with the images!)

I’ve seen this honey at Giant Eagle so it was cool to get a nice little bottle to try out.

The big(ha) thing I need to figure out how to use is radishes. I got the cutest bunch of cherry belle radishes but I think I’ve literally never bought them for ANYTHING. I think the last time I ate a radish was…well, a long time ago.

If anyone has any good radish recipes send them my way! I was originally going to try and use the greens to make pesto, but after seeing how tiny they were and the state of the greens I decided just to use my kale from last week. I guess I can slice them up and put them in a salad, but that feels so unoriginal!

One cool thing about my CSA’s pickup location is that I can donate items I won’t use. Our pickup person has a basket out with a note to leave items you know you won’t like and they will be given to a local food bank. I guess if this week is a major fail with the radishes, I will know to give them up in the future (or beets *shudder*) but I really want to try everything I get, so I figured I will see how it goes.

I also got “green garlic,” but honestly this looks like a spring onion of some sort to me?


I don’t know. I used it in my pesto. I’ll let you know how it tastes.

My last either/or was cornmeal or polenta, and I was hoping for polenta because I have a ton of cornmeal already…


And I got polenta! We are apparently supposed to refrigerate it, so we poured it into a glass jar. I really like the sound of the Sweet Buttered Polenta Pancakes with Summer Berries although the summer berries are currently not really in season yet.


Lastly, our recipe from The Porch! This vinaigrette sounds pretty delicious, although I’m seeing a trend in recipes containing apple cider vinegar. I have a lot of vinegar, but that currently isn’t a type I have…so I guess I’ll have to grab some the next time I’m stocking up.

That’s it for this week’s box! I’ve already made the pesto (and I’ll post about that soon – it is going to work with me for lunch) and I’m thinking of a couple other things to make as well. So far, its going great!


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