Back in the Kitchen with a Purple Plum Torte

Ok, world. It has been a busy time since I last posted…in April. Oops.

I graduated from the University of Pittsburgh, started a new job, and also got married in May. Then we went right into the busy season at work. However, I’ve been determined to start using some of the new awesome kitchen gear our friends and family so lovingly gave us for our nuptials, and today when I saw the recipe Penn’s Corner recommended for our prune plums we picked up yesterday I knew I had to make it. The recipe can be found here at Smitten Kitchen.

First off – I’ve been waiting to use our new mixer. I haven’t baked for most of the summer because it was so incredibly hot and we’ve been ridiculously busy, but when I left work today and felt the first sign of a fall breeze I couldn’t wait to get in the kitchen tonight.

So. Dang. Pretty.

I started with the butter and sugar and really just followed the recipe to the letter. I actually had most of the ingredients as well for this, which was excellent. The batter called for creaming the butter and sugar together, adding two eggs, then gradually beating in the dry ingredients. It was super simple and unlike a lot of baking/cooking projects, I had hardly any dirty dishes generated by this!


After I had the batter completed, I moved onto the plums. I haven’t had plums in ages and honestly, kind of forgot what they tasted like. I need twelve cut in half and with the pits removed for this recipe.

I had to trim off a piece of one and sample it before putting them in the cake. They were just a little tart but still had a bit of sweetness to them – I’m glad this recipe didn’t call for all of them because I still have four or five left to snack on in the next few days.

After Andrew and I finished preparing those, I spooned the batter into my springform pan and placed the prune plums skin side up all around the top (as instructed in the recipe). I did use a larger springform though, because I don’t have a 9″ pan. I guess we’ll see if it has an impact on the taste of the torte – I did adjust the cooking time down a bit to account for the larger pan.


Next I sprinkled it with some lemon juice, then the cinnamon, and then a dusting of the remaining sugar.

And now…for the finished torte!


The plums went into the cake as was explained. Now the hard part is letting it sit – Smitten Kitchen says the cake tastes best after an entire day so the plum juice can really get into the cake. I’m taking it to my parent’s house on Saturday morning, so we shall see how it came out! Fingers crossed it is as delicious as it smells.

I couldn’t resist popping it out of the springform to let it cool a little faster…


There was just a little crumble of cake/plum juice that happened to fall off the pan as I pulled it out. I’m feeling pretty confident this is going to be delicious. 🙂


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